1 hr session training video                                                       $200 each

The 1 hour training videos are delivered by Dropbox or WeTransfer directly to your email and are in UltraHD 3800p and HD 1080p.

Private Bookings

Are you coming to URBNSURF with a group of mates and want to get some shots? A more cost effective solution is to book your surf session as a private  media session.

Photography - 500+ photos delivered                                       $400

Video -1 edited 1080p HD clip with your choice of music       $450

Or book us for both photo and video for $800!

Video Example: Youtube 

Private bookings MUST be made at least 2 days advance to ensure we can organise and get everything in place, they also require a deposit before the booking is confirmed.

What the FAQ is going on?

I can't see my date or session time, what's going on?

Currently, we are only doing video for certain days and session times whilst we work out our schedule. We are aiming to have video everyday but currently this isn't possible for us. Check back with us in the future to see how we're going.

My date is now gone from the site, where did they go?

We only have videos and photos available for purchase through our sites for 2 weeks from your surfing date. If you happen to see something you might want to purchase, take note of the ID number, if the clip you want is gone, having the file ID number makes things a lot easier for us to locate your video for you to be able to purchase.

Can I see a longer preview clip than 20 seconds? I wanna know if I wipe out before purchasing.

Our site limits the preview time to help with theft of the work we produce, but we understand your plight! Unfortunately we can't send you the full clip to preview, but send us an email via our contact form as we might be able to flick you some low res screenshots to help you make your decision.

How do I get my videos, and what do I get for my money?

Once you have found yourself in the video clips, click the purchase button and log into our site (or create an account if you don't have one already), complete your payment and you will then be met with another screen to download your video. Your download through the site will be in 480p quality and fine for online social sharing, but as an addition, within 24 hours we will email you another download link for a 1080p HD file for use also. 

More questions coming soon!