Displayed below are all available videos for purchase from the 7am Left and 9am Right sessions, they are listed in time order from last session to first session of the day in 24hr time.


To help locate your video, the file names of the videos are as follows; Day date, Month, 24hr time, video clip number.

We are presently only doing video for these 2 sessions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and we do our best to capture all surfers in each of the session but unfortunately we cannot guarantee a video of everyone. If you don’t see a video of yourself, and if you are returning to surf another day, please come into our hut and say hello so we can try and spot you on our next video session.


If you wish to know the full video clip length before purchasing, it is noted in the bottom right corner of the video thumbnails as the preview only shows the first 20 seconds. All videos are in slow motion and we aim to use 1 to 4 clips of each surfer depending on your run.



Video’s must be purchased on a computer or tablet as unfortunately mobile phone purchasing is not supported on this website. After purchasing your video, the low res copy is available for viewing immediately through logging into your Wix account. The 1080p HD video will be emailed to you directly with a direct download link attached.